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Offshore Wind Design Challenges and Advancements

Wednesday, 8 May
Offshore Wind Thread Technical / Poster Session
Offshore wind energy plays a pivotal role in the transition to sustainable, renewable energy sources. This technical session will explore offshore wind farm design, navigating challenges and advancements. The session encompasses recent breakthroughs in the detailed design and analysis of fixed and floating wind turbine support structures, mooring system development, and permitting processes. With a focus on these critical elements, the session aims to provide profound insights into the evolving landscape of the offshore wind industry, emphasizing its crucial role in advancing renewable energy.
Peter Leitch - Aker Solutions
Anupam Gupta, Lead Consultant - WSP USA
  • Alternate 35169
    Innovative Fatigue Design Improvement for Mooring System - Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Application
    I. Aryawan, P. McEvoy, S. Kim, E. Boyle, TFI Marine; S. Clelland, Havfram Wind
  • Alternate 35226
    Managing Uncertainties in Offshore Wind Foundation Concept Design: A Comprehensive Approach
    T. Orihuela, M. Kadivar, S. Subramanian, P. Sullivan, Offshore Wind Services LLC
  • Alternate 35056
    Comparison Between Coupled and Uncoupled Dynamic Analysis of Floating Offshore WTG Support Structure
    A. Gupta, A. Desai, S. Sarada, WSP USA; B. Seo, Bentley Systems Inc
  • Alternate 35194
    Comparison of FEED Level Design and Performance of Chain Catenary and Synthetic Mooring Systems for a 10+ MW Floating Offshore Wind Turbine
    J.C. Ward, S.T. Hallowell, N. Kim, A.M. Viselli, University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center
  • Alternate 35259
    Global Performance and Structural Digital Twins for a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine
    H. Lim, B. Koo, S. Choi, H. Kim, H. Jang, A. Sablok, Technip Energies
  • Alternate 35091
    Interdependencies Between Offshore Wind Design and Permitting Processes
    C. Stahl, DNV Energy USA Inc.

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