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Marine Geoscience for Offshore Wind Farm Development: The Historical Data Review to AI Application

Wednesday, 8 May
Offshore Wind Thread Technical / Poster Session
This technical session will cover the diversity of scientific approaches required to properly assess the geological and geotechnical challenges for offshore wind farm developments. This includes the initial review of legacy datasets, dedicated data acquisition and methods, monitoring and modelling, and innovative solutions from ML/AI application.
Eric Cauquil - TotalEnergies
Patricia Varela - Geosyntec Consultants
  • Alternate 35354
    Pseudo 3D UMASW for Offshore Windfarm Development
    S. Unterseh, L. McArthur, TotalEnergies; E. Mouton, SismOcean
  • Alternate 35364
    Accelerating Offshore Windfarm Site Characterization Using Deep Learning
    H. Di, V. Simoes, T. Zhao, A. Abubakar, SLB
  • Alternate 35503
    Geological and Geotechnical Considerations for Offshore Wind Infrastructure Within the U.S. Northern Gulf of Mexico OCS
    E.K. Gudmunson, C. Boutte, J. Fisher, Fugro
  • Alternate 35476
    Integration of Geoscience Data - The TNW Offshore Wind Farm Case Study
    G. Sauvin, M. Vanneste, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute; M.E. Vardy, SAND Geophysics; R. Klinkvort, C. Forsberg, A. Kort, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute
  • Alternate 35483
    The Piling in Glauconitic Sands (PIGS) JIP: Reducing Geotechnical Uncertainty for U.S. Offshore Wind Development
    Z. Westgate, University of Massachusetts Amherst; A. Rahim, A. Senanayake, F. Pisano, C. Maldonado, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute; A. Ridgway-Hill, Y. Perikleous, Orsted; J. De Sordi, Equinor; A. Roux, TotalEnergies SE; E. Andrews, Avangrid; P. Ghasemi, RWE
  • Alternate 35155
    Interdisciplinary Strategies for Scour Risk Mitigation in Offshore Wind Foundations
    O. Komolafe, W. Berger III, Z. Metz, Berger Geosciences, LLC
  • Alternate 35186
    Low-Cost Below Seabed Monitoring Solutions for Monopile Foundations
    W. Walker, R. Williams, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.

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