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Site Characterization: Geophysical and Environmental Aspects for Offshore Wind

Monday, 6 May
Offshore Wind Thread Technical / Poster Session
This session provides an overview of various environmental, geophysical, and geotechnical aspects of site investigation as it pertains to offshore wind. Papers will examine bird/bat interactions, benthic mapping and analysis, fishing and EMF impacts, data visualization, geological constraints and fault displacement, and metocean condition impacts on windfarms. The session will provide a wide perspective on the different disciplines and science needed to assess baseline conditions, potential impacts, and site suitability and constructability in the offshore wind environment.
Laura Morse, Director, Environmental Compliances and Strategy - Invenergy
Kim Faulk - Geoscience Earth & Marine Svc
  • Alternate 35220
    SEABIRD: System for Environmental Assessment of Bird/Bat Interactions With Real-Time Detection
    G. Chang, Integral Consulting Inc.; M. Chevitarese, Sightir Inc.; S. Kramer, S. Schneider, H. T. Harvey & Associates; S. Matzner, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; J. Lewis, DeTect-Inc.; L. Cheung, Sandia National Laboratories; A. Macrander, Integral Consulting Inc.
  • Alternate 35388
    Towards Standardized Integration of Seafloor Mapping Tools for Offshore Benthic Characterization
    C. Jones, D. Doolittle, E. Revelas, N. Rebuck, Integral Consulting Inc
  • Alternate 35111
    Assessment of the Safety of Fishing Using Various Types of Fishing Gear in California Offshore Wind Lease Areas
    C. Stahl, DNV Energy USA Inc.
  • Alternate 35252
    Using Ecological Risk Assessment To Assess EMF Impacts To Marine Life From Offshore Wind Infrastructure
    D. Preziosi, D. Dawson, C. Flanary, K. Raghukumar, S. Eikenbary, D. Hull, C. Schultz, Integral Consulting Inc.
  • Alternate 35461
    Data Fusion and Visualization Approaches to Achieving a Common Operating Picture During Offshore Wind Construction and Operation Works
    D. Doolittle, Integral Consulting Inc; R. Eaton, Charles River Analytics; M. Parslow, Integral Consulting Inc; P. Donlan, Mysticetus; C. Jones, Integral Consulting Inc
  • Alternate 35406
    Geologic Considerations for Floating Offshore Wind, Gulf of Maine, USA
    T. Rasmussen, P. Peralta, J. Fisher, Fugro USA Marine Inc.
  • Alternate 35428
    Using a Mechanical Whale to Test Automatic Whale Blow Detection With Applications to Offshore Wind Development
    R. Eaton, J.C. Prisco, J.J. Everson, J.E. Riedel, Y.M. Randall, Charles River Analytics
  • Alternate 35203
    Insights to Fault Displacement Hazard at an Offshore Windfarm Site
    F. Nurminen, E. Fiorini, A. Todrani, Rina Consulting S.p.A.

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