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ePoster Lounge Part I

Monday, 6 May
OTC ePoster Lounge
Technical / Poster Session
This poster session gives the OTC program committee a special opportunity to showcase talented technical leaders from across the industry and the globe.
Jennifer Bell, Founder/Consultant - Elements Offshore
  • 0950-1008 35030
    Fully Refrigerated Ammonia Transfer System - Design Challenges and Independent Assurance of a Novel Offshore Transfer Concept for Liquid Ammonia
    P. Narayanan, SOFEC, Inc.; S. Ganivada, DNV; A. Duggal, M. Duensing, SOFEC, Inc.
  • 1010-1028 35064
    Repurposing Offshore Infrastructure for Clean Energy (ROICE) Vs. Decommissioning - Techno-Economic Considerations
    Y. Patel, M. Younas, P. Liu, R. Seetharam, University of Houston
  • 1030-1048 35501
    Stability Analysis of Submarine Hydrate-Bearing Slope During Depressurization Production
    Z. Wen, J. Yang, T. Sun, L. Wang, L. Ren, S. Jia, R. Xue, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
  • 1050-1108 35136
    Standardization of Flexible Pipes - Where Flexibility Matters Most
    V. Gasparetto, W.C. Loureiro Junior, M.R. Dias, J.G. de Oliveira, A.B. de Franca, Petrobras
  • 1110-1128 35065
    Turning a Well-Known Anti-Corrosion Coating System Into an Electrical Insulation System for Heated Pipelines
    A. Marret, Saipem SA; A. D'Amico, Saipem Spa; C. Aparicio, P. Roland, P. D'Huart, Saipem SA
  • 1130-1148 35215
    Next Generation Bulkheads for Pipe-in-Pipes: Story of a Fast-Track Technology Development from Inception to Offshore Operational Testing
    P. D'Huart, R. Hallot, P. Roland, Saipem SA
  • 1150-1208 35359
    Enhancing Offshore Installation Decision-Making Through the Integrated Application of Vessel Motion Based Criteria (VMBC) Methodology and Digital Tools
    R. Gueret, D. Cooper, Subsea7; J. Moen, C. Nilsen-Aas, H. Sjovaag, 4Subsea
  • 1210-1228 35105
    Bonga FPSO: Brownfield CSU: Delivering First Time Right SURU
    R. Gafar, A. Ajibola, E.J. Igurube, K. Balogun, Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Limited
  • 1230-1248 35247
    Enhancing FPSO Control Systems: A Dynamic Simulation and Virtual Commissioning Approach
    J. Badia, S. Calzado, A. Vega, J. Nougues, Inprocess Technology and Consulting Group
  • 1250-1308 35394
    Intelligent Optimization of Ultra-Deepwater Oil Transmission Risers Using an Enhanced Graph Neural Network
    H. Zhu, J. Yang, R. Xue, S. Dai, S. Zhan, G. Li, China University of Petroleum, Beijing

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