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Together We Can: Fortifying Offshore for Cyber Resilience

Tuesday, 2 May
Executive Dialogue
Our industry is striving for cleaner and greener energy. Inspired by the capabilities of powerful, readily accessible technologies that are responsive to constantly changing market conditions, we are living in digital disruption in how we accomplish work offshore. From remote piloting to autonomous vehicles, more and more services must have network connections. These connections bring all of the cyber risks we are so familiar with onshore. Given the complex nature of the offshore value chain (operators, rigs, vessels, services companies), the current installed base of legacy technologies that preceded cyber concerns, and the high consequences of a cyber attack on offshore infrastructure, are we adequately prepared?
Brian Boetig, Former Director - FBI National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force
Harvey Perriott, Regional Director - Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
Lior Frenkel, CEO - Waterfall Security Solutions
Roderick Larson, President and Chief Executive Officer - Oceaneering