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Supply Chain Challenges and Opportunities for Offshore New Energies

Tuesday, 2 May

Recent events of various scales – local (blockage of Suez Canal), regional (Ukraine-Russia war) or global (COVID-19 pandemic) – have brought to spotlight the vulnerabilities of our finely tuned Supply Chain system. Even the well-established 100-year-old auto industry was not immune to it – facing a chip shortage. Such challenges are expectedly amplified for new and emerging industries, that are still competing with the incumbents to establish their own supply chains. One among them is the offshore new energies (wind, solar, hydrogen). As we look to transition into cleaner, affordable and reliable energy sources, we have an opportunity to rethink and rebuild the entire value chain and infrastructure. While scientific & engineering challenges often capture the headlines, in this panel, we will focus our attention on Supply Chain challenges and opportunities for offshore new energies, bringing together experts and stakeholders from incumbent players, emerging industries and government agencies.

Thalia Kruger, Commercial Development - Principle Power
Leopoldo Bello, General Manager, Chief Commercial Officer - Delmar - Vryhof
Spandan Spandan, Partner - McKinsey and Company
Greg Lennon, Head, Global Offshore Wind - ABS
Shiladitya Basu, Technical Leader - KBR
Krishnaraj Sambath, Permian Basin Operations Support Engineer - Chevron Corporation
Sponsoring Society:
  • Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

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