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Marine Energy – Fueling the Future: A Conversation with Chris Lee, CEO, Tidal Energy Corporation

Monday, 1 May
Executive Dialogue
Marine energy, derived from wave motion, tidal streams, river currents, thermal conversion or salinity gradients, has great potential be a strong contributor to the overall energy mix fueling future economic growth. The technology needed for marine energy is rapidly evolving and some systems have proven themselves viable at the megawatt scale in the last 24 months. Marine energy technology may soon reach a tipping point where the focus will shift from technology development to scaling issues and deal with regulatory and permitting frameworks, manufacturing and supply chain issues, and energy storage and transportation. In this Executive Dialogue session, Chris Lee, CEO of the Tidal Energy Corporation, will share his experiences and insights into this rapidly growing energy area.
Chris Lee, Chief Executive Officer - Tidal Energy Corp
Alex Martinez, Board Chair - Offshore Technology Conference

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