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Latest Developments in Safety for Offshore Oil and Gas Production

Thursday, 4 May
Technical / Poster Session
Sustainable and profitable Offshore Oil and Gas Production relies heavily on process safety, that is keeping the hazardous chemicals such as oil and gas in the pipe to protect workers and the environment. The Latest Developments in Safety for Offshore Oil & Gas Production covers various topics concerning mitigation of oil spill from offshore platforms through spill response, well shut-in, and eco-friendly approaches. Environmental protection through achieving zero flaring from offshore fields is also discussed as well as a safety systems basis of design framework for the emerging American offshore wind industry. The final section of the Session includes papers on toppling of Hydraulic Workover Unit and the safe production while avoiding the completion recovery.
Tekin Kunt, Director, EMEA - PSRG (Process Safety & Reliability Group) Inc.
Anil Gokhale, Senior Director, Projects - Center for Chemical Process Safety - AIChE
Sponsoring Society:
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • 1400-1418 32268
    A Subsea Oil Spill Response Solution for a Toppled Platform that has been Leaking Oil into the Gulf of Mexico Since 2004
    D.R. Hoffmann, T.M. Couvillion, Couvillion Group LLC.; K.J. Kennelley, Kennelley & Associates LLC.; W.J. Couch, Couvillion Group LLC. - Consultant
  • 1420-1438 32603
    Quantitative Risk Assessment of CO2 and H2 Offshore Pipelines - Advancing on Modelling Subsea Accidental Releases
    A. Mercuri, G. Blasioli, Saipem SpA; R. Maugé, Saipem S.A.; V. Busini, Politecnico di Milano; M. Fehervari, E. Aloigi, G. Arcangeletti, L. Branduardi, Saipem SpA
  • 1440-1458 32270
    Achieving Zero Flaring in Offshore Gas Fields
    Z.A. Alsuhali, A. Alsharif, A. Nengkoda, Saudi Aramco
  • 1500-1518 32202
    Recommendations for Design Basis Approach to Fire Protection and Safety Systems for US Offshore Wind Industry
    E. Oliver, WSP; G. Rudrapada, Marsol Technologies; S. Sarada, WSP
  • 1520-1538 32275
    Numerical Investigation of Fatal Accident Involving Toppling of Hydraulic Workover Unit
    L.B. Nardi, Petrobras; M.B. Braga, L.T. Abreu, Wikki Brasil; M.M. Rodrigues, Y.A. Fonseca, C.M. E Medeiros, Petrobras
  • 1540-1558 32629
    Damaged Control Line Solution To Sustain Functional Downhole Safety Valve and Avoid Completions Recovery
    R.S. Negi, M. Maclurg, N.D. Russell, J. Bejoy George, Weatherford
  • 1600-1618 32424
    Case Study: Use of Digital Twins To Mitigate Risks in Pull-out Operations of Damaged Risers
    D.M. Lobo, L.A. Santos, L. Pereira, G. Axelsson, 4subsea; F. Duncan, Shell

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