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Innovative Well Completion Technology

Thursday, 4 May
Technical / Poster Session
Well completions consist of multiple key components, characterized with specific technological advances; features that enables enhanced production of oil and gas from various challenging environments (deep offshore, high temperature reservoirs, ERD wells, etc.) while reducing operational complexity, time and costs. This session will be presenting new innovations and state-of-the-art technologies of completion solutions, including anti-scaling strategy, successful applications of intelligent completions, utilization of real-time downhole data, all-optical subsea sensing & communications, and more.
Philippe Rondy, Technical Director - TotalEnergies
Rodney Wetzel, Independent Consultant - Retired
Sponsoring Society:
  • Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP)
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
  • 1400-1418 32605
    Magnetic Anti-Scaling Accessory for Offshore Wells
    J. Souza jr, A. Deroubax, R. Nogueira, G. Machado, Vallourec; J.A. Silva, MAGMAX; M. Pusard, Vallourec; A.S. Doria, P. Oliveira, F.S. Oliveira, M.V. Ferreira, A.M. Oliveira Junior, A.L. Martins, Petrobras
  • 1420-1438 32561
    A Predictive Numerical Model To Optimize Wellbore Expandable Seal Design for Swab Resistance in Annular Flow
    N. Seymour, S. Gupta, H. Jin, R. Kamath, S. Shukla, SLB
  • 1440-1458 32590
    Novel Carbon Reduction Calculations for Fracturing Completions Using Sleeves and Darts
    T. Watkins, J.Y. Najafov, E. Watson, Advanced Upstream; S. Livescu, University of Texas at Austin
  • 1500-1518 32266
    Longest Slim Hole ERD Wells Campaign With Limited Entry Liner Using Water-Based Mud in Onshore Abu Dhabi
    E.N. Varma, T.J. Ditzler, P. Mwansa, M.Y. Husien, A.R. Bin Bahrom, R. Saragi, A.A. Binsumaida, M.K. Al Samahi, J.S. Al Shamsi, A.O. Alshaigy, ADNOC Onshore; A. Gaurav, K.M. Abdelhalim, Churchill Drilling Tools
  • 1520-1538 32627
    Utilizing Real-Time Downhole Data for Optimizing Completions in Tight Margin Deep Water Wells
    A. Hawthorn, D.P. Groves, G. Broussard, Baker Hughes
  • 1540-1558 32487
    Multi-String Analysis of a Mudline Hanger System in High Temperature Wells During Production
    U.B. Sathuvalli, P.V. Suryanarayana, Blade Energy Partners; G. Bathgate, Chevron Angola; J. Delgado, R. Arcos, J. Painter, Chevron Technical Center; S. Rahman, Blade Energy Partners
  • 1600-1618 32645
    All-Optical Subsea Sensing and Communications
    G. Wilson, Halliburton; M. Uribe, S. Moe, TechnipFMC; A. Ellmauthaler, K. Suh, M. Jaaskelainen, J. Bush, Halliburton; J. Dupree, TechnipFMC