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Icebreaking Technology and Changing Arctic Ice

Wednesday, 3 May
Arctic Sessions Technical / Poster Session
The session papers are focused on recent studies of icebreaking ships design, ship performance modeling and analysis of operational conditions of shipping and offshore structures incorporating current metocean and ice data. Participants will learn the results of some latest studies of the design of ice going ships, recent lessons learned from challenging Arctic voyages, as well as development of new approaches in ice modeling. The ice cover dynamic behavior at shallow waters and shipping analysis based on the current state of available ice and weather information will also be discussed. Who Should Attend? Naval architects and ocean engineers dealing with icebreaking ships and offshore structure design, arctic transportation systems designers, Polar shipping operators and anyone fascinated by ships and offshore structures in ice.
James Bond, Director, Polar Research & Ice Class Ships - ABS
Aleksandr Iyerusalimskiy, Principle Naval Architect - Gibbs & Cox
  • 0930-0948 32491
    Introduction of Azipod DI and ESS for Icebreakers
    S. Hanninen, J. Hakala, S. Viherialehto, P. Maattanen, T. Heideman, ABB OY Marine and Ports
  • 0950-1008 32258
    The Effects of Wind, Speed and Ice Pressure on PC3 Module Carriers During Winter Northern Sea Route Transits
    P.J. Adkins, R.A. van Lievenoogen, Red Box Energy Services Pte Ltd.
  • 1010-1028 32591
    Advances in Satellite Technology for Ice Management
    P. Bobby, D.T. Power, C-CORE
  • 1030-1048 32563
    Viability of the Northwest Passage as North America’s Resource Export Highway
    J.E. Bond, D. Oldford, E. Moakler, ABS
  • 1050-1108 32206
    Interim Results of the Propulsion Motors Over-Torque Data Acquisition Project Onboard United States Coast Guard Icebreaker MACKINAW
    B.C. Brainard, United States Coast Guard; A.V. Iyerusalimskiy, I.C. Ferguson, B.J. Foy, J. Talay, Gibbs & Cox, Inc.
  • 1110-1128 32483
    Advanced Ice Model Test Techniques and Services for Future Scenarios of Arctic Logistics and Infrastructure
    Q. Hisette, N. Reimer, C. Schroeder, D. Myland, Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA)