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Geothermal Energy: An Evolutionary path to Decarbonization

Tuesday, 2 May
Executive Dialogue
Our planet’s geothermal energy potential is enormous with temperatures within the Earth approaching those at the surface of the Sun (~7,000 °C) and cooling at a very slow rate of ~50°C per billion years. Novel techniques are being developed in attempt to mine this energy and contribute an almost exhaustible source of green, baseload power, to our growing energy requirements. Many of the technologies, methodologies and data used in the exploitation of hydrocarbons are directly applicable to harvesting geothermal energy. We will discuss the current opportunities and challenges of these techniques and the potential of scaling the approach to significantly contribute to the growing demand for Energy and Decarbonization.
Jim Hollis, Chief Operating Officer - Geothermal Technologies, Inc
Ann Robertson-Tait, President - GeothermEx
Brian Miller - Independent Outlooks+

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