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FPUs, FPSOs, and FSRUs - Latest Developments and Roadmap of Future Advancements

Thursday, 4 May
Technical / Poster Session
The relatively mature field of offshore floating production facilities has seen major advancements in recent years and major developments are planned till the end of this decade. This session covers topics related to the recent developments and paints a picture about the future of offshore production units.
David Barton, Director - KBR
Alison Sheppard, Sales Manager - Engineering and Design - Exmar Offshore Company
Sponsoring Society:
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP)
  • Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)
  • 0930-0948 32451
    Roadmap To Improve FPSO Integrity Management
    J. Endress Ramos, L. Cerqueira Trovoado, A. Curty Saad, D. Nogueira, V. Gomes Silva, B. Caldas Porto, G. Levin Lopes da Silva, L. Costa Castelli, J.F. da Rocha Guimaraes, R. Pommerehn Vitiello, R.L. Souza Garcia, A. Badaro Moreira, Petrobras
  • 0950-1008 32493
    Global Performance of an Asymmetric-Monohull FPSO
    J. Xia, F. Yusof, H. Sukri, MISC Berhad
  • 1010-1028 32285
    Investigating the Effect of Damping Originating from Mooring and Risers on the VIM Response of a Semi-Submersible Floater Using Coupled CFD-Time-Domain Simulations
    A. Koop, Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN); S. Leverette, A. Bangs, T. Withall, Woodside Energy; F. Castillon-Valverde, Pemex E&P; J. van der Zanden, R. Heerink, J. de Wilde, Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN)
  • 1030-1048 32586
    Eemshaven LNG- Repurposing an FSRU Built for Tropical Conditions To Operate in the North Sea
    J. Verhagen, Exmar Marine NV; E. Heymans, Exmar Shipmanagement NV; D. Gjorgjievski, Exmar Marine NV; A.J. Voogt, MARIN USA; F. Van Nuffel, Exmar Marine NV
  • 1050-1108 32597
    Results of the Initiatives Conducted by New FPSOs Program (PROFORT) in the First Period of Execution
    L.L. Froes Da Silva, C.C. Henriques, L.S. Lima, Petrobras
  • 1110-1128 32541
    Quantitative Comparison of Four-Point and Multi-Point Support Configurations for FPSO Topsides Module Structures Design
    S. Lim, E. Luquiau, C. Van-Meenen, J.H. Tan, A. Sablok, Technip Energies
  • 1130-1148 32542
    Benchmarking Deepwater Semisubmersible Floating Production Unit Developments Sanction to First Oil Cycle Times in a Post Pandemic Era
    R. Dsouza, Richard B Offshore LLC; S. Basu, KBR

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