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ePoster Lounge Part II

Tuesday, 2 May
OTC ePoster Lounge
Technical / Poster Session
This poster session gives the OTC program committee a special opportunity to showcase talented technical leaders from across the industry and the globe.
Mohammed Dooply, Deepwater Cementing Technical Specialist - SLB
Bipin Kashid, Senior Simulation Engineer - Parker Hannifin Corp.
John Nighswander, President - Petroleum Fluid Properties LLC
  • 0930-0948 32604
    Influence of Hydrogen Sulfide on Adsorption Behavior of CO2/CH4 Mixtures in Calcite Nanopores With the Implications for CO2 Sequestration
    C. Qian, Z. Rui, Y. Liu, Y. Zhao, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; H. Li, University of Alberta; A. Ma, A. Afanasyev, Moscow State University; F. Torabi, University of Regina
  • 0950-1008 32366
    Development of a Test Protocol To Evaluate OCTG Dope Free Connection Response to Cryogenic Conditions That Could Appear in Extreme Load Cases of CCS Projects
    G. Nutricato, C. Repetto, D. Santoro, M. Zucchetto, L. Dal Forno, E. Curioni, R. Brambilla, R. Eaton, L. Martini, P. Nunzi, Y. Chiu, S. Nicolò, T. Mantegazza, Eni; E. Gibellini, M. Goya, R. Zambetti, N. Santi, Tenaris
  • 1010-1028 32149
    Fundamental Evaluations of the Sealability of Premium Joints in CCS Wells
    K. Inose, T. Abe, S. Yamaguchi, NIPPON Steel Corporation; S. Ugai, NIPPON Steel North America; A. Wada, Y. Ando, NIPPON Steel Corporation
  • 1030-1048 32425
    Joint Velocity Model and Microseismic Event Location Inversion Benefit the Measure, Monitor and Verify Value Chain
    J. Le Calvez, T. Mizuno, SLB
  • 1050-1108 32529
    The Importance of Secondary Traps and Sinks in Offshore CO2 Sequestration
    R.B. Coffin, M. Vasilyeva, I. Pecher, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi; D. McConnell, Geomarine Resources PLLC
  • 1110-1128 32316
    Saline Aquifer Characterization for Subsurface Co2Sequestration: An Example From the Miocene Offshore Texas
    A. Fick, S. Halder, C. O'Reilly, TGS
  • 1130-1148 32446
    Modelling of Multiphase Flow During Transient Operation of a Carbon Capture and Storage System
    S. Stokes, S. Zhai, H. Haghighi, C. McKay, D.D. Erickson, Wood plc
  • 1150-1208 32382
    Reduced Carbon Dioxide Mobility in Experimental Core Flood Using Surface Coated Silica Nanoparticles as a Foaming Agent
    A. Alfakher, Saudi Aramco; D.A. DiCarlo, The University of Texas At Austin
  • 1210-1228 32289
    Offshore Industry and Research Community Collaborating to Enable Greater Ocean Access for Scientific Research
    L. James, O. Blaringhem, A. Woolgar, Subsea7; D. Gates, P. Bishop, M. Clare, A. Flohr, C. Sands, A. Lichtschlag, National Oceanography Centre
  • 1230-1248 32484
    Offshore Wind Turbine in China: Overview, Research Trends, and Challenges
    C. Li, H. Singh, P. Cheng, X. Wang, G. Hao, Q. Liu, CNPC USA
  • 1250-1308 32194
    Numerical Analysis of a Wave Energy Converter
    P. Bauer, C. Dillon-Gibbons, AMOG Consulting; N. Iyer, Laminar Scientific Inc.; A.A. Kilner, A. Easson, J. Gumley, H. Thurumella, AMOG Consulting
  • 1310-1328 32214
    Challenges To Recover Cut Umbilicals Risers in Decommissioning Projects
    A.B. Santana, E.d. Semedo, J. Castilho, P. Tavares Fernandes, W. Dias Pinto, L.C. Castro, W. Albuquerque da Silva, Petrobras

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