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Energy Transition – Interface of Marine and Offshore – Global to Regional

Tuesday, 2 May
Energy Transition Pavilion Stage
Energy Transition Presentations
The theme of energy transition is well established on the maritime world agenda. But it is how different stakeholders – the energy producers, the energy (fuel) consumers (shipping companies, charterers), the associated energy supply chains, as well as investors, insurers, regulators and governments see their role within the transition. This should be a joint effort across this group of stakeholders developing strategies, identifying synergies, and then creating roadmaps for execution, based on an area, a country or region, and then of course globally. This session will look at results from the first LR Energy Transition Forum held in Athens Greece in January 2023, which focused on the links between the respective marine and offshore industries. Main points, differences, and outcomes will be pointed out using experiences on how Greece’s fleet, which is the largest in the world, is addressing energy transition. We will look at how the offshore industries like Houston can apply lessons learned to the offshore assets themselves, how they can become greener, and what new offshore platforms designs, medium and smaller assets, like FSUs/FSRUs would look like. And finally, connecting the dots between carbon capture, autonomous roadmaps, nuclear and wind, alternative fuels, decarbonization hubs, regulatory representation and frameworks, financing, electrification, gas markets, designers and ports.
Anna Apostolopoulou, Global Floating Offshore Installations Director - Lloyd's Register