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Diverse Supplier as Solution

Tuesday, 2 May
Networking Event
Successful stories of diverse suppliers: An engaging, dynamic conversation where diverse suppliers share their experiences with meeting current, demanding energy industry requirements and some success stories highlighting innovation, cost-efficiency, and excellent customer service
Tamara Garrett, Head of Diverse Inclusion - Oxy
Luz Abeijon Vidal, Senior Quality Manager - SLB
Brenda Udunna, Global Supply Chain Transformation - Apache Corp / ISM SD & ESG Chair
Gerardo Alonso, Business Development Manager - Asturfeito
Davida Smith, Supplier Diversity Responsible - Hess Corporation
Brandi Rauch, General Manager Sales Supply Chain and US Supplier Diversity Program Manager - Shell
Lee Jackson, Chief Executive Officer - Jackson Offshore, LLC
Robin Hawkins, Supplier Diversity Manager - ExxonMobil


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