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Center for Offshore Safety: How AI is Supporting Industry in SEMS and How the Energy Transition is Impacting SEMS and Risk Management Offshore

Thursday, 4 May

This session will feature two panels: Panel 1: How is AI, Real-Time Monitoring, Automation, Big Data supporting your SEMS systemic risk management? Exploring AI innovations or solutions that have been developed because of AI Data based results or exploration of AI in the industry in the areas of safety and risk management. The technical panel is made up of different organizations that will showcase their experiences with AI and their risk management. Panel 2: Energy Transition and its impact on SEMS and risk management Industry collaboration and communication regarding SEMS and risk management in offshore with a host of new companies and participants in offshore construction and operations. Are there new barrier management practices and processes that should be developed?

Marco Castillo, Engineer - Abyss Solutions
Anthony Patterson, Managing Director - Virtual Marine Training
Dave Finn, Chief Executive Officer - Energy Research and Innovation Newfoundland and Labrador
Mansoor Nazar, Enterprise Architecture and Emerging Technologies - Occidental
Robb Hall, CSP, Safety Leader - Equinor
Andal Pierre, HSE Operations Excellence Leader - Baker Hughes
James Pettigrew, Director - Gulf Research Program, NASEM
Vanessa Balwick, G&LCE HSE&C NOJV Performance Manager - BP
Donald Forgie, Consultant HSE Senior, Center for Offshore Safety Vice-Chair - Occidental

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